September 7, 2013

How to calculate your Blog's monietary value

Hello and thank you for stopping by i want to write to you how how to calculate your blogs value in cash with a simple tool i used and am sure you will love it. but before  we go ahead i want us to know what monietary value is before bringing it to our own blogging context.
According to Bussiness monietary value refares to The The amount of value an item or a service has in relation to if it were sold for cash to a willing buyer.

so if  you want to know the  amount your blog is actually worth. you need to make use of some online tools to get at least an estimate of your online assets.when you talk about the value of an asset like a site or blog, we dont mean the cash at hand but the estimated worth of every asset related to that brand. facebook might be worth $100B but thats not the money cash . it means if facebook should go off to the market, this is how much it will be sold. 
so its wise you know what you are working for

To check the worth of your blog
simply visit
Answer some sincere simple questions
And you will get your blog value

You can give a try and get back to us here using the comment form and please if you have an alternative, do let us know. 
to your blog success
Charles Emmanuel

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